The range of offered products includes ca. 2.3 million building blocks and reactive intermediates as well as about 1,500,000 screening compounds for high-throughput biological screening. All our chemicals are on-line searchable on Chemspace:

Fine chemical building blocks are usually provided in 0.5-10 g quantities, but orders on larger batches can be accepted also. Resynthesis of our compounds is performed on a regular basis usually taking from 6 to 8 weeks depending on complexity of a production sequence.

BCH Research also supplies reference bioactive compounds for the medicinal chemistry research, particularly for SAR studies. These compounds can be custom synthesized on-demand or provided from stock (subject to availability). Please check the list of our compounds on-line at or inquire with the required structure by fax or e-mail.

The quality of produced substances is rigorously controlled by our analytical department (NMR, LC/MS, elemental analysis). Verified certificates of quality can be supplied along with the ordered substances upon request.

Additionally, BCH Research offers custom synthesis service for the needs of pharmaceutical industry, agrochemistry, and research institutions.